Our Mission

Provide superior educational experiences in engaged learning communities. We are intentional about creating knowledgeable professionals equipped to win in real estate. The Real Estate Institute of Georgia innovators, entrepreneurs, executives, and change agents to engineer real estate transactions that empower individuals and communities.

What We Do:

The Real Estate Institute of Georgia provides nationwide training to become a licensed real estate agent, broker and continuing education for current professionals. The Real Estate Institute of Georgia also provides training for individuals interested in becoming professional real estate investors.

How We Work:

Students choose their path of success by selecting curricula that best meet their unique real estate goals. Classes are delivered in blended classroom and e-learning settings. Courses include independent study coupled with live classroom modules, so students can ask questions, learn from their peers, and fully grasp concepts. Live-classroom training are intimate, small group settings, and every instructor is a practitioner with millions of dollars in earnings and multiple years’ experience in real estate. Subject specific training is allows students to explore topics of their greatest interest.

What is Our Why?

Real estate education is a "real life" education. An integral part of life, we believe comprehensive real estate education improves everyone’s quality of life. Our world is more interconnected than ever, and with finite land resources, it’s imperative that humanity learns to secure, protect, and properly manage our planet for future generations.

What Sets Us Apart

Founded in 2015, we are the only real estate school to offer national training for real estate license and comprehensive real estate investing curriculum in over 60 locations throughout the country. We are so confident in our training, that when you complete our real estate investor training and decide to pursue a real estate license, we will pay for your pre-licensing course (conditions apply- create a hyperlink that connects you to the conditions/limiting factors).

  • • Georgia Real Estate Institute offer students Professional Real Estate Investor (PREI) Certificate (trademarking) upon completing our Essentials course work and three real estate transactions.
  • • Georgia Real Estate Institute gives students the flexibility to pursue the agent training or investor training tracks, we give you total freedom to choose.
  • • Georgia Real Estate Institute encourages our students to earn as they, by applying their classroom skills to generate class flow from day one.
  • • Georgia Real Estate Institute is the only real estate school in the world offering students the revolutionary, scientifically proven B.A.N.K. methodology. B.A.N.K is a reverse engineered personality-based sales system, proven to predict the buying behaviors of your clients in less than 90 seconds. Click here to obtain a free copy of the White Paper published in 2016 by the San Francisco State University validating this claim. Learn more about B.A.N.K. here.

Who We Serve

The Georgia Real Estate Institute serves a diverse student body including:

  • • Career changers interested in becoming a Real Estate Agents or Investors
  • • Real Estate Agents interested in becoming Real Estate Brokers
  • • Real Estate Agents and Brokers seeking continuing education (C.E.) courses to maintain professional licensure
  • • New or Seasoned Investors Real Estate Investors looking to improve their current results
  • • Sales and Business professionals interested in increasing their sales by implementing the B.A.N.K methodology.

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